Our first show on MomTV. Time Management and Organization

I wanted to apologize to anyone who tried to tune into our first show.  MomTV has been having some technological difficulties that have been fixed.  We had a great time doing out live show but it seems like the video wasn’t available for the entire show.

Our first show was about Time Management and Organization.  I focused on finding ways to get activity and exercise in even when we are busy.

One app I featured was Nexercise.  Nexercise is a social networking and GPS workout app.  It helps you track your workouts, gives you challenges for fitness and activities, and rewards you with ribbons and prizes.  Get support while chatting with others.  It is available for Iphone and Android phones.

*Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Also, in the show, Kat talks about staying organized with the kids homework, activities and morning routines.  Alison had great ideas for organizing your house.  Allie highlighted ways to keep your family and their activities organized so everyone knows what is going on.  Lily prepared a wonderful overnight refrigerator oatmeal.

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