It’s amazing how many toxic chemicals end up in the food we eat. I have re-blogged this from Moms In Heels and it was written by a good friend of hers who has a child with artificial color intolerance.

Moms In Heels

This post was written by someone who is quickly becoming a good friend of mine, she is a fantastic person and has some of the cutest little girls you’ve ever seen 😉 She is also a former teacher and the inventor and owner of Backpack Learning. Here is Tiffany’s story:


“I originally planned on writing this blog to discuss snack policies in school and then the more I thought about it, I decided it was my turn to write about my personal story with an allergy kid.  As tears start to well, I am ready to really tell the story…

Last summer was the summer from you know where! My three year old daughter was a roller coaster mess filled with all sorts of emotions. She went from happy-happy and having the best day of her life, to completely horrible and having the worst possible moment of…

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