SUGAR! Many of us have a love/hate relationship with sugar.  How could we not love it, we’ve been eating it in so many yummy things our whole lives.

Too much dessert!

Many foods we wouldn’t associate with sugar have a ton of sugar in them.  For example, the following food can have more sugar than you would think:

Peanut Butter (Kraft Canadian peanut butter seems to have less sugar than most American brands)

Tomato Sauce


Salad Dressing

as well as,  canned soups and vegetables  It seems impossible to get away from it.  This is where the hate part comes in, I am addicted to sugar. I know I am addicted to food in general but sugar is a huge trigger for me and my compulsive eating problems.  I have tried to cut back on sugar or even cut it out but I just can’t seem to control my consumption sometimes.  When I did the short lived juice fast I cut out sugar and did great for a couple weeks!  But, I went out to eat twice during week 3 and cheated a little with a half a dessert at each and it seemed to have triggered a monster inside me.

Sugar Monster

I have been craving sugar ever since and have given in to those urges more than I like to admit.

How do you control your sugar monster????

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