Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead



When Joe Cross made this documentary was on many medications, had an autoimmune disease that caused skin rashes, and in general didn’t feel good.  He did a 60 day juice fast to cleanse his body of all the toxins and lose some weight.  In the end, he lost 100 pounds in 60 days, drastically reduced his medications, and felt like a new man.  He then started on a diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, and beans.  He lost more weight, was able to stop most of his meds, start exercising, and felt great in general.

I was inspired by Joe’s story!  I could relate to his story.  I am miserable, my legs, feet, back….oh why list it all…it all hurts, I am tired all the time, I have cancelled play group activities because of how crappy I felt.  This is not fair to Katie!  In January, I had to rent a scooter at Disney World because I couldn’t walk the park.  I worry about sitting on furniture or toilet seats when I am away from my house.  I have give up my top choices for a career because I am too fat to do them.




I hate this picture!  I’m too young to be in a scooter.  Very embarrassing day!


I decided to do a 10 juice fast to jump start my weightloss, cleanse my body, and try to cut the cravings I have.  Mike and I ran out, bought a juicer, loaded up on fruits and vegetables, and decided to skip the “last meal” (pizza, tacos, ice cream, etc).  We jumped right into drinking nothing but fresh juiced fruits and veggies. Our juices included kale, spinach, apples, grapes, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, ginger, all in crazy combinations. Mike did great!  I never really heard him complain.  To be honest I thought I was dying.  The first day was bad, the Oreos that were still in the house were calling my name.  At three in the morning I couldn’t take it anymore and ate five of them.  Day two, I obsessed about getting Del Taco all day.  It was so hard trying to be a mom, wife, and a grumpy, miserable, crazy person who can’t eat any food.  To make it all worse, I was in the bathroom every 30 minutes.  I even had an emergency bathroom situation in the middle of a big Anatomy exam.  Mike chased me into the bathroom with my laptop on a TV tray so I could just finish it in the bathroom.  How embarrassing!  I was nauseous, tired, and felt like I had been hit by a car.  Then I ended up with a terrible respiratory infection, which made everything worse.  Day three, I continued to juice but couldn’t get off the couch because of dizziness and nausea.  Failure wasn’t an option.   By day 4 my juice fast was over.  I was at the urgent care getting steroids and breathing treatments and could not tell if the terrible symptoms were from fasting or being sick.

I did learn one important lesson, you MUST stop all process foods, refined sugars, white flour and any other “bad” food you usually eat A WEEK BEFORE the juice fast.  Our bodies can not handle  stopping the toxic that fast and will revolt against you.

I lost 8 pounds in the four days.  I couldn’t not just give up trying to change the way we eat.  It was time to find a way to incorporate healthy living for the long run….But how to do it right and permanently this time…



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